About Us
Human Rights Association registered by government under the act 29 of 1950 & act 21 of 1860 to promote Human Rights & fight for injustices, Corruption. Government Registered No.  Maharashtra - F-37425 / 2011 / & Trade Mark Registered by Government of India N.G.O. Partnership of Planning Commission Government of India U.I.No-004521.
( A Costitutional agitation for the enforcement of fundamental right of common people )
( Formed Under Article 19th of the constitution of India )

Human Rights Association works without any discrimination of caste, religion, creed and gender. Human Rights Association is an association of all such bodies and people who are working towards solving different problems.

Human Rights Association is an highly informative secured Human Rights Agency. It time to time collects problems, complaints and grievances of the sufferers as also anti-social, anti-Governmental activities and places them in front of prevailing Government, Administration, Police and Court.
Simultaneously, Human Rights Association works generously without any selfishness for the welfare of the Society with a broad mind and a Big Heart that made Human Rights Association a generous and ameliorated Organization.